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We pride ourselves on our fast shipping services. We process all orders within 24 hours - shipping time depends upon the shipping option selected at checkout and the delivery address location.

We will automatically send an email with the official USPS / UPS tracking # that can be used to track your package.

Yes, we ship worldwide. If you have any specific questions about how shipping works to your particular country, please reach out to us at


We love the sourcing process just as much as we love the gems themselves! We have direct relationships with miners and gem cutters all over the world.

All of our crystals, gemstones, and mineral specimens are natural & not man made. Some gemstones are commonly treated by heat or other methods to enhance color or clarity, which we will always disclose in the product description.


A proxy bid is the maximum bid amount you would like to place on an item. If you don't have time to continue checking back on the status of an auction, by placing a proxy bid our system will automatically place bids for you when someone else outbids you, up until your maximum bid amount.

We use a popcorn bidding system on most auctions. This means that if a bid is placed within the last 10 minutes of an auction, then the auction deadline is extended by another 10 minutes. This system gives everyone a chance to place their true highest bid and avoids last minute "bid sniping".

Yes, you need an account with Candyman Crystals to place a bid on auction items. Fear not - this is a quick and easy process and you only need to create an account once!