At Candyman Crystals, quality is paramount. Everything that we source, I ensure is of the quality that I would want in my own collection. We spend countless hours each month sorting through inventory, making sure that we only offer the finest quality available.

Ever since I was a very young kid, I was mesmerized by and drawn to shiny, colorful things. I was and still am, endlessly fascinated with how something so beautiful can come from deep underground, created naturally by Mother Earth. My first love and main attraction has always been gem crystals – the crystallized minerals that gemstones are cut from.

The feeling that I (and most of other rockhounds and gem enthusiasts) get when I am admiring a beautiful crystal or gemstone, I liken to the feeling that the children in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory get when they first walk into the explosion of color and mystic wonder that is the main room in Willy Wonka’s factory. Or even just being a child and walking into a fully stocked candy store… where the walls are covered floor to ceiling with colorful sweets… this is the feeling I still get to this day when I have a handful of crystals or gemstones. Out of this feeling, Candyman Crystals LLC was born.

Just as I treasure the relationships I have created with my customers, we work hard to create direct relationships with miners, dealers, & gem cutters all over the world: from Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, to Nigeria… these relationships allow us access to fair pricing, and new discoveries as soon as they come to market.

Crystals, Gemstones, Fine Minerals, & Jewelry are our passion, and the main purpose of our business is to share that passion with others. Just like I caught the “bug” when I was a kid, I want to share that feeling of joy and fascination with everyone.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us. We are incredibly honored and humbled that you have decided to do business with us, and want to make certain that you have the best buying experience possible.

- Nick Orlando 

Owner & Founder, Candyman Crystals